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  • Jasa Poles Lantai Beton
  • Jasa Poles Lantai Beton

Services Description Polished Concrete Floor Application Service

After offering polished concrete floor applications  in Taiwan, China, Vietnam and Myanmar for  more than 10 years, our company expanded its business by opening a new branch in Indonesia in 2016 with the name of CV. Hai Tien Concrete Solution.

Polished concrete floor is created by treating the bare concrete floor with liquid densifier and polished with diamond pads till the surface turns glossy. In addition to hardening and and extending the life of concrete floor, liquid densifier also fills the concrete pores, hence make it dust-free and easy to clean.

Due to its natural, environmentally friendly, and minimalist features, polished concrete floor has gain popularity and become first choice for industrial floor in the western countries. Eastern countries such as China, Korea, Japan, etc have also started to make polished concrete floors as their primary choice for factoriy and warehouse floors.

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