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  • Polishing Concrete Floor

Services Description Polishing Concrete Floor

Polishing Concrete Floor Services in Jakarta

Polished Concrete is an additional process for concrete floors by polishing it until it is shiny and smooth. There are various choices of designs and various motifs that can be tailored to your needs and your building. In addition, colors and motifs can also be given to make it look beautiful and attractive.


- Meets environmental protection standards; non-toxic, non-polluting, non-flammable

- Penetrates into the concrete structure, increasing the hardness and density of the concrete thus making the surface layer abrasion resistant, non-slip and dustproof

-Easy cleaning and maintenance, giving glossy effect to any floor surface

last more than 10 years

-High economic value, more durable than epoxy and tile floors

-One of the criteria for obtaining a Green Building Certificate

CV. Hai Tien Concrete Solution provides polishing concrete floor polishing services for factories and warehouses. We are experienced and have staff who are experts in their fields. For information and consultation, please contact the telephone number listed.

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